In the future, the first crypto currency may well become a new form of money, even the most conservative investors will start working with it, analysts of the financial holding
Bitcoin can not be considered money because of limited emissions and high exchange rate fluctuations, according to analysts at the UBS investment bank. They published a research report on the first crypto currency, which was sent to customers of the financial holding on Thursday, August 2, reports CoinDesk.

“Bitcoin is difficult to take on the role of money or be a viable asset class,” experts say.

They believe that a coin may well become a means of payment or a class of assets. To do this, it needs to solve the scalability problem and enlist the support of financial regulators. In this case, even the most conservative and traditional investors will be interested in crypto currency.

The bank conducted a survey in response to numerous requests from customers who are interested in digital money. The report draws parallels between Bitcoin and the PayPal payment system.

Last year, UBS called the crypto currency a speculative bubble due to a sharp rise in prices. The financial holding positively refers to the technology of blocking and believes that it will affect a large number of areas of activity.

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04.06.2020, 04:25