Национальный банк Украины отменил регистрацию внутригосударственной системы расчетов “WebMoney.UA”, из-за чего средства четырех миллионов граждан оказались заблокированными. Об этом сообщает УНИАН. Как поясняется, такое решение нацбанк принял в связи с применением санкций, введенных решением СНБО от второго мая. Кроме того, у оператора “ВМ-Фактор” отозвана лицензия на перевод средств в иностранной валюте без открытия…

Over the past week, the largest stock exchange investment fund SPDR S & P 500 has lost a record $ 23.6 billion due to outflow of funds.

The collapse in world markets continues – following the Asian indices, the Asian stock markets fell. The situation on foreign exchanges may lead to an increase in the cost of foreign currency loans for Russian companies, analysts warn.

The global stock market lost $ 5.2 trillion (or about 6%) of its cumulative capitalization in two weeks due to a surge in volatility, according to senior analyst of indices from S & P Dow Jones Indices Howard Silverblatt.

Peter Smith, CEO of Blockchain, the second most popular purse for crypto currency after Coinbase, and these central banks will start using large digital currencies such as bitcoin and etherium in 2018, writes ccn.com.

President Alexander Lukashenko announced on Friday that the decree “On the Development of Digital Economy” has been signed.

Bitcoin.com co-founder Emil Oldenburg explained why he sold all his bitcoins.

Tai Lopez, a prominent investor and analyst, has stated that if the world’s millionaires allocate merely 1 percent of their holdings into bitcoin, the bitcoin price could reach $60,000 in the mid-term. According to a Forbes report, there are nearly 15 million millionaires globally, with…

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