World stock market lost more than $ 5 trillion in two weeks

The global stock market lost $ 5.2 trillion (or about 6%) of its cumulative capitalization in two weeks due to a surge in volatility, according to senior analyst of the indices of S & amp; Dow Jones Indices Howard Silverblatt.

American stock indexes collapsed, having played all the annual growth in one trading session. Asian and European stock exchanges followed. It’s easy to observe what is going on by the expression of the brokers’ faces.

The German stock market finished Monday’s trading with a fall against the backdrop of negative dynamics from the consumer goods, media and retail sectors. At the close, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange fell by 0.76%, reaching a 3-month low.

The index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Topix fell 5.43% to 1725 points.

Did not remain indifferent on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

For a long time, the world stock market was in a zone of stable growth, and on Monday it crashed. In the photo: the broker of the South Korean bank KEB Hana.

The index of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Hang Seng – by 4.59% to 30,767 points.

Due to the fall in stock indices, the world’s richest people lost $ 114 billion per day.

Such rapidly leading world indices did not decrease for more than six years. In the photo: Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Dow Jones showed the largest decline in its history in a day, following which the major indices in the US, Europe and Asia lost their profit for the year. In the photo: one of the halls of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


His calculations are based on data for the period from the close of trading in the US on January 26 to February 8 inclusive.

Almost half of the amount ($ 2.49 trillion) falls on the US index Standard & amp; Poor’s, of which 11 out of 11 industry groups went to the correction zone on Thursday, usually defined as a 10% drop from the recent peak. The S & amp; P 500 itself fell by 10.6% from the historical maximum reached on January 26, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 10.4% in the same period.

According to Bloomberg, the capitalization of the world stock market declined more sharply from the last peak (January 28) – by $ 5.95 trillion, from January 26 – by $ 5.4 trillion. The value of the indicator was a record January 28 – $ 87 trillion 289.96 billion, and at the close of trading in the US on February 8 was about $ 81.3 trillion.

If the market fall within two months after reaching the peak of the last 52 weeks is 20% or more, analysts say the beginning of a stable “bearish” trend. Currently, experts believe that such a significant collapse, perhaps, will be avoided.

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