The government of the Australian state of Queensland has allocated $ 100,000 for the development of a crypto-cash tourist start-up.

TravelbyBit develops routes for tourists wishing to make payments in crypto-currencies, and also provides a crypto-exchange payment platform on which suppliers of goods and services can make their offers.

The company is included in the list of 70 companies, for development of which was allocated $ 8.3 million.

Caleb Yeoh, CEO of TravelbyBit, said that already 150 firms across Australia accept payments in crypto-currencies. Now, the startup plans to enter into a partnership with Brisbane Airport Corporation in order to create an airport-friendly airport.

“We are aimed at technically advanced tourists from anywhere in the world, seeking to book their trip before the trip and use the crypto currency to make payments.”

At the moment, TravelbyBit serves payments in BTC, LTC, DASH, ETH, XEM crypto-currencies, and BNB will soon add to this list.

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04.06.2020, 05:21