Питер СмитPeter Smith, ceo blockchain: central banks will come to bitcoin and Ethereum  in 2018.
Peter Smith, CEO of Blockchain, the second most popular purse for crypto currency after Coinbase, and these central banks will start using large digital currencies such as bitcoin and etherium in 2018, writes ccn.com.


I think that this year we will see for the first time how central banks will start using digital currencies as part of balance sheet funds. Bitcoin is already among the 30 largest currencies, and the use of digital currencies for all growth indicators.




Some central banks already sit in bitcoin. In December 2017, it was reported that the Bulgarian government owns more than 3 billion US dollars in bitcoin.

In May, the Bulgarian authorities officially announced that they seized 213,519 bitcoins, which now cost more than 3.2 billion, with a bitcoin price of $ 15,000.

In addition to seizures as a result of investigations, central banks are likely to begin acquiring large amounts of bitcoins and other major crypto-currencies, because in the last few years the digital trade market has been growing at an exponential rate. Bitcoin, in particular, reached a market capitalization of $ 250 billion, and the analyst expects that it will continue to develop and eventually compete with the gold market (about $ 8 trillion capitalization).

However, the acquisition of bitcoins and other crypto-currencies in the public eye can be perceived as a defeat, that is, almost two years ago, China, Great Britain and other countries are working to create their own national crypto-currencies.

Two years later, after investing in hundreds of millions of central banks, so far no one has been able to create a product that could somehow compete with leading crypto-currencies.

The whole point of crypto currency and technology blocking is based on the fundamental concept of decentralization.
In networked networks users can send and receive payments, transactions and information directly.

In the future, it will not matter which support the central banks that stand behind bitcoin, or not. Its investment value in order to use money in bits and other crypto-currencies and use them as reserve currencies.

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04.06.2020, 04:01