Falling every week and reducing the price by 10% since July, Ethereum is now $ 50 from the low values ​​of 2018, and $ 3 from the trigger for sale at around $ 400.

Either way, the drop in Ethereum is likely to continue, given that over the past week, bears have managed to take over and do not give the price to recover to peak values ​​in July. The goals of the bears now are $ 350 and $ 150.

If we talk about bulls, then they need to once and for all pull out the crypto currency at the level of $ 550, in order to compensate for losses from such a strong fall. However, they are unlikely to succeed. Generally speaking, it is recommended to trade in a short time, selling at peak levels of each previous week.

Below is the daily chart:

As stated above, bears are holding the upper hand, in view of this it is expected that yesterday’s sellers will merge the balances during this week. Ideally, today’s trades will be closed with a candle, at a mark below $ 400, for this is the main support level and the lower threshold for the last 40 days.

The first target for a short period is $ 350, that is, the lowest value for 2018, followed by $ 150, this is the bottom of the last quarter of 2017.

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04.06.2020, 04:26