The state of West Virginia will launch a mobile application on the basis of a blockade specially to allow soldiers from the state who are abroad to vote for candidates in their constituencies at the upcoming elections.

The application was tested back in May. Then in the test participated two counties of the state – Harrison and Monongalia. State Secretary McWarner announced that if the testing is successful, then the application will be finalized and cover all 55 counties of the state.

According to official representatives of Warner, the pilot version of the application was successfully run-in and there were no mistakes in the very structure of its database.

The application itself was developed by the startup Voatz. The developers say that the technology of blocking will allow safe storage of voters’ data and quickly transmit information about the choice they made.

Deputy Warner, Michael Quinn, told CNN on the air that the final word in the implementation of this application remains for the state districts themselves.
However, not all experts are happy or support this initiative. Chief technologist of the Center for Democracy and Technology, Joseph Lorenzo Hall, considers this venture unacceptable, given other factors:

“This is voting in elections through unprotected devices, through our insecure networks, and all this will be stored on the server, the data from which it will be very difficult to confirm without a corresponding paper document.”

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04.06.2020, 04:25